Brighter Than the Sun (A KGI Novel)

Searing motion and passion ignite the latest KGI novel from the #1 New York Periods bestselling writer of Darkest Just before Dawn.   The Kelly Team Global (KGI): A tremendous-elite, leading secret, relatives-run business. Skills: Higher intelligence, rock-difficult physique, military track record. Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence accumulating. Dealing with positions the U.S. govt cannot… … [Read more…]

Black Obsidian (Volume 1)

I was standing at the bar and waiting for a good friend when it happened. When my existence adjusted endlessly. She strutted inside of with her head held high with grace, not pretentiousness. With legs that attained her neck, and an hourglass frame great for gripping, she obtained me tricky immediately. And all those eco-friendly … [Read more…]


A bold English adventurer. An invincible Japanese warlord. A attractive girl torn in between two means of lifetime, two means of enjoy. All brought with each other in an amazing saga of a time and a put aflame with conflict, enthusiasm, ambition, lust, and the wrestle for electric power…Good products!

Gods & Monsters (Volume 1)

Gods & Monsters Book A person The human race stands on the brink of extinction the end result of a plague the likes of which the earth has by no means noticed. When salvation comes, it is not a wonder get rid of created by science or our authorities that saves us. No, our saviors … [Read more…]

The Obsession

The riveting new novel from the #one New York Periods bestselling author of The Liar.   “She stood in the deep, darkish woods, breath shallow and cold prickling in excess of her skin despite the hot, large air. She took a step back again, then two, as the urge to operate fell in excess of … [Read more…]