A Life Worthwhile

A Life Worthwhile is a blended mystery fiction that portrays the challenges, conquests and heartache of the Gustafson Family in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A Life Worthwhile is a story involving an ambitious and tightly knit family who face the daunting challenges of careers, marriage, infidelity, depression and a tragic death. Gage Gustafson is the main character and the novel in part exhibits his struggles as a young adult. Gage’s life begins to spiral out of control after a break-up with his college girlfriend, but he is then forced to regain his sense of focus after being confronted by his family. He then excels in college and becomes a responsible young man and dependable son, brother and uncle. But a horrific death will test his very being, beyond what he ever imagined. You will also meet Roy Gustafson, the older brother of Gage who is a successful entrepreneur and wonderful father of two young children. Roy battles with clinical depression and the endless un-satisfaction of his wife Kaylie.

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