The Mistress: A Novel

#one NEW YORK Moments BESTSELLER • Incomparable storyteller Danielle Metal illuminates almost never glimpsed precincts of unimaginable wealth and energy, in which adore and freedom are the most dangerous wishes of all.

Natasha Leonova’s magnificence saved her existence. Found on a freezing Moscow street by a Russian billionaire, she has lived for seven decades underneath his defense, immersed in rarefied luxury, whilst he pursues his routines in a dark entire world that she guesses at but by no means sees. Her property is the entire world, typically on one of Vladimir Stanislas’s spectacular yachts manned by scores of heavily armed crew users. Natasha’s task is to keep Vladimir content, ask no queries, and be discreet. She appreciates her location, and the principles. She feels fortunate to be spoiled and secured, and is cautious not to dwell on Vladimir’s ruthlessness or the lethal circles he moves in. She ordeals only his kindness and generosity and believes he will normally keep her harmless. She is unfailingly loyal to him in trade.

Theo Luca is the son of a outstanding, entire world well-known, and complicated artist, Lorenzo Luca, who left his spouse and son with a fortune in artwork they refuse to offer. Lorenzo’s widow, Maylis, has reworked their property in St. Paul de Vence into a celebrated cafe embellished with her late husband’s paintings, and treats it as a museum. There, on a heat June evening, Theo first encounters Natasha, the most exquisite lady he has ever noticed. And there, Vladimir lays eyes on Luca’s artwork. Two dangerous obsessions start off.

Theo, a gifted artist in his very own correct, finds himself feverishly painting Natasha’s graphic for weeks right after their first conference. Vladimir, enraged that Lorenzo’s operates are not for sale, is established to protected a painting at any cost. And Natasha, who appreciates that she are not able to pay for to make even one untrue move, even so commences to think of a entire world of freedom she can by no means practical experience as Vladimir’s mistress. She are not able to threat her safety for another guy, or even a discussion with him, as Theo longs for a lady he can by no means have.

From Moscow to the Riviera, Paris, and London, The Mistress is a riveting tale of large fortune, cruelty, inventive genius, and daring braveness, as uncompromising people chart a program for collision.

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